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"I don't believe in self-promotion, really I can't be arsed."

"I always wanted to be an actor. I had the arrogance to believe I couldn't be anything else."

"I hate handguns. Handguns are used to shoot people and as long as they are around, people will shoot each other. That's a simple fact. I've seen a bullet wound and it was a mess. It was on a shoot and it scared me. Bullets have a nasty habit of finding their target and that's what's scary about them."

"As far as I'm concerned, I want to be nowhere else. It's difficult in film because everybody wants to make a safe bet with roles. But if you are going to do stuff then you should be getting strong reactions. I don't want audiences to be going, 'Yeah, that's all right.'"

"OK, I don't have an act, this is all I can do, this is it, sorry." I admire people who can go and just turn it on. But if I do that, I just look like a wanker. So I try and talk normally with people.

"I Don't think there is a secret group where I would sort of get kidnapped one night and be put into a bag. 'Oh, hi guys.'"

It affected me for a couple of days, but I got into myself and said, "We have to make this brilliant, the best it can be, or the best I can make it". And that strengthened my resolve. Throw the computer away and don't look on the internet. That's the best thing to do.

As far as I'm concerned, the sexiness, the sex symbol, it's not a consideration. I didn't go out to play sexy in this film. It's nice...I don't know, I'm embarrassed, I don't know what to say...

I was reluctant to go on Parkinson actually, which is weird because when it came to America I was like, "Oh fine, I'll do Letterman, I'll do whatever." I had less fear about it because it's not my town.

This is what I do for a living. If I donít take on challenges like this, then whatís the point?

You also find out what itís like falling down a flight of stairs. It feels like youíre falling down a f**king flight of stairs. And thatís what we wanted to feel. We wanted to feel the pain, the pain in it.

Itís playground stuff. It really is ĎNa, na, na! You did this!í And itís like ĎFuck off, Iíve got more important things to think about.í I was certainly expecting a bit of a backlash, but I wasnít expecting the way it came. But it did, and thatís it.

But Iím not obsessive about it. I work out three or four times a week, but I take the weekends off and drink as much Guinness as I can get down my neck.

Obviously, I know that this job comes with a lot of scrutiny and a high profile and Iím more than happy to sit down and talk about the work, the filming, whatever. But I donít see why I should have to discuss the details of my private life in public.

Because healthcare's better, people live longer, so there are all these people in their 70s who want to have sex. I mean, I'm going to want to have sex right until the very end, thank you very much.

The UK is not an island of therapy - Jung and Freud passed us by.

Well, try to get me in leather on a shoot and I'm like 'No! Dress me like I dress'.

So I go and buy myself a Dries Van Noten jacket thinking, 'I'll have this for life.' Then it lies trampled on the bedroom floor.

Well, I had to hang off a 40-storey building - one of the new blocks in Canray Wharf. I felt like David Blaine.

Like a naked man running down the street happens everyday in Shepherds Bush. Probably does.

My Female fan base frightens me. I just imagine there's this room somewhere called 'Daniel's Female Fan Base'.