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Renske wrote:hey Elaine,

I fast forwarded to Dan's parts...I couldn't understand a lot of what they were saying anyway....and a "play" like that is not really my thing. I was interesting to see Dan in it though. I would love to see him on stage. It's very different from movies.
Same here.
I've watched it with Germangirl and Anglophile.
And to be honest I think that I wouldn't have so much fun if I woulf have watched it alone.
But it was great to see Daniel 'unplugged' :wink:

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Unplugged , I like that . Dan kissing a guy ... that needs to be in the kissing thread for a collective hoot .What I like about plays is being is the moment and how he seems to be enjoying himself . It must have been hard to do . Maybe this is why he doesn't want to do Shakespere . I'm glad he had a maor part . I don't know what to make of his character . He seemed like a nice guy at first and then he was kind of a stinker to that one girl . I think he was the only guy who didn't end up with a girl at the end .We need pics of him in the longjohns in the undies thread and prehaps the leaning left thread . What did he do so wrong that that his friends beat him up towards the end ?I fastwinded through the other parts too . Dan seemed to be having fun , thats what I liked abiout watching him . He had a spark . I wish they would put more plays on film , and that there was a better way of finding them .
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laredo wrote: What did he do so wrong that that his friends beat him up towards the end ?
The woman he attempted to rape was the fiancee of one his pals.
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