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Re: DC and RW news and tidbits

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Germangirl wrote: Thu Mar 02, 2023 7:44 am Nice she is having a new film. She plays twins or what?
It's a gender swapped TV series adaption of the film 'Dead Ringers' which starred Jeremy Irons. Both are based on the book 'Twins' by Bari Wood.

Rachel plays twins, and is also an executive producer.
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Re: DC and RW news and tidbits

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Hey Red, thanks. Yes saw its a horror film of some sort. Hm…
The top notch acting in the Weisz/Craig/Spall 'Betrayal' is emotionally true, often v funny and its beautifully staged with filmic qualities..

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Re: DC and RW news and tidbits

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Daniel was seemingly spotted in the background of a photo of Rachel as she was on the way to the premiere of Dead Ringers


Other photos of Rachel

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Re: DC and RW news and tidbits

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Rachel is just looking great. She is gifted with ageless beauty.
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