Registration and Forum Rules

THE REGISTRATION PROCESS HAS BEEN CHANGED. Please contact the Forum's administrators at You will then receive an email with instructions how to get your account and please visit this area first to read the Rules.
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Registration and Forum Rules

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Due to the huge number of spammers who have been registering through this Forum's registration page, the registration feature at this Forum has now been disabled. However, registration is still available by contacting the Forum's administrators at You will then receive an email with information how to get an account.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This Forum and the gallery are separate. So registering for one does not register you for the other. You can use the same username and password for both the forum and gallery. However, you must register at the Forum to post at the Forum and register separately at the gallery to gain access to the gallery. Sorry for the incovenience, but that's the procedure we're stuck with. :(


These rules are designed to ensure that the Forum runs smoothly and is enjoyable to everyone. Thank you in advance for participating!
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1. We encourage people to speak freely on all topics. However, please show respect for Daniel Craig and his family. All opinions are welcome, but please leave out any insults, attacks and ridicule.

2. Please show respect for all members of this Forum. We do not allow insults or personal attacks. Anyone who feels the need to participate in personally directed arguments should take his/her discussion off the Forum.

3. No spamming, flaming or trolling.

4. Before you start a topic, check to see if one already exists on the same topic. Please make sure that you've chosen the right category for your topic. Topics that have been wrongly placed may be moved by the administrators.

5. Any posts referring to stalking Daniel Craig in any way, shape or form will be deleted.

6. Please do not venture far off topic. If the thread stays off topic for more than ten posts, then you should probably start a new thread in the appropriate forum. Hijacking legitimate threads with chatter between two or three members can be very annoying and disrespectful to the topic starter.

7. Don't post just for the sake of posting. You are not required to reply to every single thread and post in the forums.

8. Please try to prevent hotlinking. Often a photo on the Internet is accompanied by a story, so give users the chance to see the whole site (and those webmasters the recognition of their work) by posting a link to the site instead of hotlinking the photo.

9. No images over 500 pixels in width and 250 pixels in height (500x250) may be used in signatures because of loading time. More than one image may be used, but try to keep the total file size to about 100KB. Keep in mind that not everyone has high-speed Internet access.

10. Please post in English. Of course we will always be patient with people who's first language is not English. We are referring to posters using different languages deliberately, to be exclusive.

11. It is forbidden to join the forum only to advertise your site or something else.

12. Please avoid spoilers in thread titles. If your post contains spoilers, please clearly and boldly note that at the top of your post.

13. If you have not posted in the forum for more than one year, your account will be deactivated.

14. Posting pictures of other people’s children, without obscuring his or her identity, is not permitted and will be deleted.

We want all members of the Forum to have fun discussing topics with other fans of Daniel Craig. However, posts that break these rules will be subject to deletion or editing. A member who frequently violates these rules may be banned from further participation at this Forum. You will receive one warning before being banned, out of courtesy to you.

Enjoy the Forum! :D
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