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Fan submitted Poems

Thanks to Jenna for submitting the following poem. Please do not take it for your website without Jenna's permission.

A crooked smile that lights up a room, but also darkens it.
Baby blue eyes so beautiful and heavenly that angels blush with delight at every wink.
Chiseled features that comment his ripped body.
Everything is so perfectly put together; you can sure tell God was having a good day when he made him.
Feathery blonde hair that you could just sit and run your fingers through.
A voice that resembles a rumble of thunder that signals a heavy rainfall.
Golden skin that makes you want to run your hands all over him.
And last but not least his mouth.
Oh how many amazing things have left his silken lips, you can`t imagine how amazing it would be for him to kiss you.
If it be just a peck on the cheek or a long sweet lip lock, you know that mouth could tame wild horses.