Knives Out

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Re: Knives Out

Post by videnovasan » Sun Dec 06, 2020 1:50 pm

Vanquish wrote:
Sun Dec 06, 2020 12:45 am
Thoughts on Daniel's look in Knives Out? It's a kinda crazy transformation from this to NTTD.....He suits the Columbo mode

He always been a chameleon so I'm not surprised. In the library scene when he took his jacket off and if the shirt was tighter you can tell he is in a pretty good shape even then...
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Re: Knives Out

Post by Vanquish » Wed Jan 20, 2021 9:04 pm

I watched this again last night and it really holds up. It's a proper ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐/5 film.


In fact, it's probably more enjoyable and entertaining to watch a second time. Further, it's even satisfying to pick over the film and consider how neatly the plot points tie together long after it's finished.

Part of what makes the film work is that it's neither a straight drama or a flat-out comedy. The film at times dabbles in being a parody of a typical Agatha Christie whodunnit, but it's the well-developed characters and involving emotional stakes that gives the film real drama. That is a deft trick to pull off and more Rian Johnson does expertly (he also gives the film it's own unique, quirky aesthetic). Not to mention that the comedy is genuinely very funny.

It’s not the empty, slavish homage to 'murder mystery' fiction it could have been as Johnson knows that simply regurgitating the rules with a wink wouldn’t be enough. There’s genuinely thrilling ingenuity here to make a contemporary update to Agatha Christie's style. Especially, in regards to an early reveal to the killer's identity.

Daniel Craig is having a ball. When he's introduced, it's delectable to see his icy blue-eyes considering his prey (Craig resembles nothing short of a white tiger in those scenes). However, the marvellous trick here is that Benoit Blanc is neither suave nor urbane. Craig is a nice comic performer, and his accent is a treat (owing more than bit to Frank Underwood). All the best dialogue and flowery monologues are reserved for Blanc and Craig has an absolute feast eating the scenery. He's so very funny in this flashy role; it's probably the best he's been in any movie. Undeniably, he steals the show here (the final drawing-room scene is particularly delicious).


That's quite the feat considering how stacked the supporting cast is. Everyone is terrific here. Though the film is probably a bit too clunky in it's rather overt '2019' politics. Though neither the left nor the right are not skewered. Though, half the fun of this film comes from watching this spoiled, entitled family turning on each other. They are just so vile and each actor perfectly matched to their role.

For me, one of the chief reasons that Knives Out really works is Ana de Armas. Her Marta is such a charming, sweet and kind-hearted soul. She isn't just a pretty face, but a seriously talented actress. You really root for Marta and empathise with her dilemma. Ana de Armas is so winning in this part and is surely destined to be an A-list actress. She also has terrific chemistry with Craig. Which makes me even more excited for them to team up again.....


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